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3D tattoos
3d tattoos take traditional tattoo art to a whole new level or at least another dimension.
Adventure tattoo
If you are looking for a unique and adventurous tattoo design, consider getting a compass tattoo.
Alice in wonderland tattoo
The popularity of Disney's Alice in Wonderland theme has transcended generations of people.
Amazing tattoo
It's one of the more fantastic tattoo ideas - the trees are inked onto your back, and if you like, you can also add any sayings to describe it.
Anchor tattoo
When it comes to anchor tattoo designs, the choices are endless.
Angel tattoo
Angels are important religious beings and are viewed as holy protectors or watchful beings in many cultures and traditions.
Animal tattoos
The reason for animal tattoos incorporating was to build up a character or to show off their inner being through animal tattoos.
Anime tattoos
Anime tattoos are one of the best ideas to consider because they are simple and stunning designs that can be created out of basic tattoo images.
Ankle tattoos
Ankle tattoos are now gaining popularity, especially among modern women.
Arabic writing tattoo
Meaningful Arabic tattoos are a great way to convey your message.
Aries tattoo
If you are looking for Aries tattoo designs, then you have landed on the right page.

Canadian Tattoo designs are countless. There are several design themes you can try out to have unique, creative and original body ink. Some of the tattoo ideas for Canadian tats are the maple leaf, eagle, Celtic, and flag. The variants are endless, and the best part is, you can make your own unique design of tattoos by combining two or more of these ideas.